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Terms and conditions

The ownyourbalconygarden.com  Internet site (hereinafter: “The Site”) is an Internet site which runs a virtual store and offers its customers information and sale of various products (planters, plants, decorative objects, seeds, fertilizers, planting medium and more) (hereinafter: “The Services”).  The site is owned by Mr. Gyula Csakvari (327383626).

The following rules and regulations equally relate to both genders, and masculine gender is used here for convenience purposes only.

Every person who purchases and/or intends to purchase services and/or intends to receive information through the site and/or surfs the site and participates in the activities offered through the site declares and undertakes that he read the Website Rules and Regulations and agrees to the provisions included therein.


Website Terms of Use – Purchasing Services and Receiving Information

The site can be used for carrying out orders and for receiving services and/or information.  This site is not to be used for other purposes.

Every person (age 16+) who has a valid credit (or has explicit permission from the credit card holder), or has a PayPal account may submit offers for the purchase of services through the site.

The order or the offer (hereinafter: “The Offer”) of the purchaser to receive services will be accepted, if all the following conditions are met:

  1. The transaction was approved by the purchaser’s credit card company.
  2. The required products are in stock.
  3. The address for supplying the products is included in the company’s distribution area.
  4. The purchaser has a personal e-mail address in the Internet network.


Limitation of Liability

The company’s intention is that all the products offered thereby in the site will be of high quality and fit for use.

The sole responsibility for all the products which are not planters, and for any information or presentation implemented in the site with respect to the nature of the products, including names of manufacturers, quality of products, attributes of products, pictures of products etc. applies to the manufacturers and/or importers and/or authorized marketers of the products, subject to the Consumer Protection Rules and Regulations and the Warranty and Service certificates which are attached to each product / service, if attached.

In any event, the company’s liability for the products mentioned in this paragraph, under any legal cause whatsoever, will not exceed the amount of the consideration actually paid for the product / service ordered by the purchaser.

The company and/or the site owners and/or its founders and/or any of its operators and/or any of its managers and/or anyone on their behalf are not responsible for the fact that the server operating the site is clean from viruses or any other foreign components or elements which may harm or damage the purchaser’s personal computer when he enters and/or orders services and/or uses the site.  In addition, the company will not be responsible for illegal activities in the site which are carried out by any purchaser or any third party which is not under the company’s control.  The company will be entitled to discontinue or prevent the contact or the access of the purchaser to the site at any stage, in whole or in part thereof.


Indemnification and Compensation for Improper Use of the Site

Anyone who uses the site improperly must indemnify and compensate the company and/or the site owners and/or its founders and/or any of its operators and/or any of its managers and/or anyone on their behalf for any lawsuit and/or expense and/or damages of any type whatsoever, including legal expenses which will be caused to the company and/or the site owners and/or its founders and/or any of its operators and/or any of its managers and/or anyone on their behalf.

The site contains various materials, which are protected by copyrights,  other titles, including contents, pictures, graphics, music, video and sound, part of which are owned by the company and part of which are owned by third parties.  A purchaser and/or a surfer and/or any third party which performs activities in the site may not change, advertise, transmit or transfer, participate in a transfer or sale and use the site or part thereof for creating a derivative work or use the site and/or the contents of the site, all or part thereof, for a purpose which is not that for which the site was created.  The company allows the user to “download” data to his personal computer for the purpose of personal and uncommercial use only.  This permission, as any other legal activity in the site, does not grant the user any propriety right in the aforementioned information, in particular, and in the site and its contents, in general.

The user undertakes not to upload to the site information of any type whatsoever which violates the copyrights, trademarks and/or any other proprietary right and/or pornographic material and/or material including defamation etc.  If the user uploaded the aforementioned information and/or material, he is bound to indemnify the company and/or anyone on its behalf and/or the site’s operators for any damage and/or expense (including lawyer’s fees and legal expenses), which will be caused thereto as a result of the user’s aforementioned improper behavior.

The site contains links to other sites in the internet network.  The company supplies these links for convenience purposes only and it is not responsible for the validity and legality of the information included therein or in other sites which are linked thereto.  A purchaser who wishes to use these links does it only under his responsibility.

Everyone who wishes to create a link to this site in other sites is required to contact the company in writing and in advance in order to receive a written approval therefore, additional terms and place of jurisdiction.

The company is entitled to close the site or cancel the services or reduce them.  In addition, the company may change the Website Rules and Regulations from time to time.
Any dispute whatsoever between a purchaser and/or a surfer in the site and the company because of activities in the site will be clarified in each of the courthouses in Israel.

Customer Service

For various inquiries and additional information you may contact the representatives of the company’s customer service via e-mail, at info@ownyourbalconygarden.com  or Tel. +972526206261 between Sunday-Thursday 08:30-19:00, Friday and holiday eves between 08:30-13:00.