Zefyr grow bag 12 liters


Plant shrubs, perennials and flowers fit a proper garden

  • Wind secure way of hanging, easy to install
  • Support for climbers
  • New generation of window boxes uniting old ideas and needs
  • Hanger, pot, and plate in one
  • Allows air pruning for healthy roots
  • Designed to give depth perennials shrubs
  • Secures drainage
  • Though evaporation keeps root system cool
  • Lower third holds excess water
  • UVB resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Hand made planter, grow bag

vertical       40 cm
horizontal  30 cm
girth            86  cm

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This grow bag, planter is made of a woven UVB resistant material, and two layers of different linings. The holdall resembles a flower. As seen on the pictures long wooden sticks can be installed to give a supporting frame to the plant. The girth and the depth allow companion planting, and also woody shrubs feel at home in the planter. It’s safe and easy to install.

You can plan your planting ahead for the seasons to come. Plants love growing together and succeed each other as the year slowly passes.