Seniseleti water plant grow bag 2 x 2 liters


Universal planter, grow bag reusing bottles and milk boxes

8 Reused bottles cased and safely hanged

  • Ideal for plants which need boggy conditions
  • Designed to hold water safely can create a small pond
  • Treat the bottles right and create drainage
  • Great for wildlife
  • Fill it with water once a week
  • Wind secure way of hanging, easy to install
  • New generation of window boxes uniting old ideas and needs
  • Hanger, pot, and plate in one
  • UVB resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Hand made



vertical: 70 cm

horizontal: 55cm

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It is important to make an effort to reuse plastic bottles. This is a small platform which helps you in reusing your own waste. You can create wet spots, or use it as regular plastic planters, grow bag. Wet spots are important for the health of a garden. Simple and inspiring solution with a huge field to explore and inspire.