Arati water plant grow bag 4X2 liters


Grow bag designed to 100% reuse and to recycle materials. Fits for bog plants and if perforated other plants need drainage. 

  • Designed to hold water safely can create a safe pond
  • Wind secure way of hanging, easy to install
  • Great for wild life
  • New generation of window boxes uniting old ideas and needs
  • Hanger, pot, and plate in one
  • Recycled
  • Can secure drainage
  • Lower third holds excess water
  • UVB resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Hand made planter


vertical 40 cm

horizontal 60 cm

girth          60 cm

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This product is made of a woven UVB resistant material, 4 reclaimed plastic bottles and recycled clothes as water plant grow bag, holder. This ‘holdall’ design is made to be green and exercisable.