Try our planters fuse few existing ideas and address basic needs of plants desired to grow

The New Age planters achieve air-pruning, give the right depth, and support above ground level, and importantly can be safely installed.

Air pruning helps plants to develop a health root system. The planter’s whole surface lets air through. When a growing root nears the side or the bottom of the planter it stops growing in that direction, preventing to become pot-bound. Instead the root system fills the inner space of the planter, resulting healthy strong plants.

Planters secure 30-60 cms of depth, opening the stage for a new range of plants to enter and appear and thrive on your balcony. Some plants are climbers and need support, and sometimes we need to thigh plants falling over. That is also addressed. If you wish to draw in birds, on top place branches and they will happily land, especially there are some soft fruit for them. Easily pollinators can be supported too, and reused materials help to create a wet corner to which is essential for a healthy garden and there are many plants will grow and flower well. And you’ll get to reuse some of your waste.

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