Compost in grow bag your kitchen waste


It is very important to reduce our waste. Me and my family select our waste, but still quite a lot still remains. I found a great way to reduce the volume that is thrown away


Create a kitchen waste composter from PET bottles

I use two bottles. One of them becomes the kitchen waste composter, the other the lid. I open the bottle, and cut of the bottom too. I use the scissors to make holes at least in 4 rows on the bottles. It is important that fungi in the soil can easily access the waste.

At planting I place the bottle upside down in the planter leaving 2cms sticking only out of the soil.

I cut up the 2nd bottle. I measure one third from the bottom, and cut it there. This part will fit tight on the bottle in the soil. Finally I take kitchen waste and fill the easily created kitchen waste composter as I call it the rabbit hole.

When full I press the lid gently twisting it and close the rabbit hole. Finally I hide the lid with strobiles.  Important to note not use left overs since they are salty and that can hurt or even kill your plants. I plant Perilla and use them as green compost. The plants are pretty, vigorous and don`t mind to be cut over and over again.

Any parts you cut can be put in the composter

You will be surprised how fast you will have space in them to refill. Of course it is great for your plants because they get fed, and you make the soil alive. When Fungi thrive plants benefit too, grow healthy strong and beautiful.

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