Air-pruning grow bag pots

Air-pruning pots are highly beneficial for our plants, so we truly should care for air-pruning

A handful of products offer the benefits of this method on the market already. My product fits any home for outside and inside use. These products promote branched root systems and prevent roots spiraling around and plants becoming pot bound.   

Air- pruning is a natural process when roots are exposed to air. They naturally dry up, encouraging the plant to sprout new roots resulting in a branching root system. Then the process is repeated, the new roots expand meeting with air, drying up, and continuously causing the plant constantly producing new roots.

This method is used in produce of seedlings, propagating cuttings, container plants and restoration projects.

Air-pruning pots solve the problem that traditional plastic and ceramic pots have

In traditional pots usually a single root grows endlessly around and around the pot. The entangled roots strangle themselves slowly on the side of the pot, while the center is empty. 

In air-pruning pots the plant is encouraged to grow new roots all the time, filling the center of the pot with new healthy roots

These new roots are highly efficient in absorbing water and nutrients from the soil, causing plants to be happy and increasing their overall health. 

The method I developed goes a bit further as you can see in the video above. I make a simple composter from a plastic bottle. I cut the plastic bottle in half, the bottom part becomes the lid. I make several holes on the top part, and burry it upside down in the air-pruning pot. I use kitchen scraps to fill the composter, and then tightly close the lid. I keep refilling every week. 

In the soil fungi live which develop a web in short time. The fungi channels nutrients to the roots of the plants. When composting this way, we can feed the soil making it alive and on a fun way we do good also for the planet as well. We reuse plastic bottles and reduce a bit our waste too. 

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