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Most of us live in a city and having a garden is a dream and stays one. I decided to create a planter to accomplish my dream in a 3rd floor apartment had only a window sell. Results are such amazing that I`d like to bring the idea to others too.

Usually using traditional window boxes is problematic, they are relatively expensive comparing what one can accomplish to grow in them. They might fall in windy weather, and most desirable plants don`t fit in, or so cannot thrive in them. Many people complain, nothing grows and after spending a lot always at the end they end up with frustration.  And that can change now for good as I`ve overcome all of these problems. Here is how:

Our products fuse few existing ideas and address basic needs of plants desired to grow. The planters achieve air-pruning, give the right depth, and support above ground level, and importantly can be safely installed.


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Kanizsai Nagy Dóra customer testimonial

Kanizsai-Nagy Dóra

"We are absolutely in love with your planting pockets. I cannot stop planting since we got the first ones. I'm addicted. Please create more and more. The plants love it they feel well and the fabric is full of life."

Peter Aron Ferenczi testimonial

Peter Aron Ferenczi

"I love my pocket garden! Never had before such a healthy and beautiful plants!"

Rinat Bar testimonial

Rinat Bar

"A year ago I moved to an apartment building leaving a garden with beautiful trees behind. I was stressed to lose that part of my life. The apartment has a modest balcony, though looked more depressing then a real opportunity.

Gyula and his holdalls has transformed that space to a beautiful private green corner, and we are absolutely are in love with it. When first planting there was an instant effect , and since then plants grew to a create a living garden, with loads of gardening to do. Real delight, we love it!"

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A handful of products offer the benefits of this method on the market already. My product fits any home for outside and inside use. Air-pruning pots are highly beneficial for our plants, so we truly should care for air-pruning. These products promote branched root systems and prevent roots spiraling around and plants becoming pot bound. Air- pruning is a natural process…

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Lemongrass has various uses, in drinks and tea, perfumes, soaps, flavor for cooking, its oil used in aroma therapy. Amongst other qualities it is mosquito repellent. In some places lemongrass is a traditional protection against evil, and a good luck charm in love affairs. It can be grown in a container from stems, are the form we meet the lemongrass in the supermarket. This is the way to grow…

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I like inviting birds to my window sell. They can be regular visitors, usually at the same hour every day. Birds are pretty and they sing too. The most important is to give them a place to land and sit on. The small songbirds prefer branches. We must be inventive but sure we can manage. Best thing is to do some research about the songbirds in your area…

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Every year springtime i plant ruta plants to attract the old world swallowtail butterfly. Almost every year i succeed to have eggs and grow its caterpillars. The process is fast forward and fun. I would like to inspire you to try. At the end of the process you can enjoy the freshly emerging butterflies for a full day and help wildlife to thrive…

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Recent pandemic and the novel virus COVID-19 have sent the markets and economy to shock, shutting down businesses and government offices, locking us the general public in our homes on weeks and counting. The technology is ready to use for home office. Here is the vision for a win-win situation based on home office. Moving stuff to home office can enable businesses…

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I’ve successfully grow an apple tree on my 4th floor for three years. It enjoys living in an ‘Arbol’ grow bag hanging on my window cell. Amongst other fruit trees apples and pears can be pruned and be well shaped, as you wish. They blossom; bear fruit soak up pollution, and provide us with privacy. They can support pollinators and birds, and most importantly bring us close to nature: you can feel nature is sitting on your laps.

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It is very important to reduce our waste. Me and my family select our waste, but still quite a lot still remains. I found a great way to reduce the volume that is thrown away…

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I’ve always been a lover and a grower of plants. Living in the city my chance to garden has always been very limited. Restricted basically to house plants, window cell boxes and visits to gardening centers. I became more and more interested in my window cell. I wanted to grow more plants, to create sort of a cottage garden…

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